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Corporate Gremlin-Taming®

No Business Wants Its Hard Earned Revenue Wasted On:

• Self-serving attitudes
• Excessive sick leave
• Wasted time
• Mediocre job performance
• Unproductive cliques
• Grumbling & scapegoating

In short, poor morale.

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Corporate Workshops

Poor morale is very, very, expensive. Whether your organization is large or small - dynamic or static - embryonic or well established - at some point you will want to focus your attention on how well those who serve within it are functioning as members of a team. After all, every organization is, at the most basic level, a network of people; and even the healthiest human networks encounter periods of high stress and staleness. Left unattended, these natural phenomena can lead to people feeling disgruntled, burned-out, anxious, angry, and frustrated.

The Gremlin-Taming Institute Programs utilize various combinations of four service components:

  • Gremlin-Taming in the Workplace Workshops

  • The Power of Authenticity Teleclass

  • Private Sessions

  • Team Building Sessions

Private Sessions For Corporate Leaders

While these confidential individual sessions benefit top administrators in a variety of practical ways, there are two specific areas that have universal application no matter the size of your organization.​

  1. Corporate executives and administrators can take their own leadership skills to the highest level. Participants bring their specific work-related concerns to sessions. By focusing on these concerns with respect to their own management style, they not only experience a marked rise in leadership skills, but these skills enhance staff growth and potential for creativity.

  2. Corporate executives and administrators may refer other key personnel on their teams for coaching in particular areas such as:

  • ​Leadership

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Team Building

  • Motivation

It would be our pleasure to do some creative thinking with you as to how we might work together to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business teams.

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