Self-awareness is a gift, and self-reflection can boost your personal potential, but self-absorption will lead to a feeling of disgruntled emptiness. It's important to take hold of the spotlight of awareness you control and to lovingly shine it out on others as often as you can. Notice others, their wants and their needs, and offer yourself to them. The true love within you is a gift you can share through action. To do so will fill you with gratification, and it can benefit humankind. Help out.

Regardless of how you choose to help, as long as your intention is clear, you are in touch with your heart, and you are doing what you choose in a manner consistent with your experience of true love, you will feel good and others will benefit. You can miss out on the fulfillment inherent in doing service for others by getting caught up in concepts about what loving behavior looks like. Don't. Instead, simply breathe, tap into the true love within your heart, and let it manifest in your actions towards others.

Service and servitude are not the same. Sacrifice is not what makes for good deeds; loving action is. Good works are pervaded by common sense and intention, not by suffering. From my experience as a therapist and consultant, I want to emphatically announce that no single factor causes more damage and confusion in relationships that people taking excessive responsibility for one another's woes. Sometimes too much help is not helpful. A Vietnamese proverb speaks profoundly of taking care of yourself and doing service for others.

While it is noble to help an elephant which has been stricken, it is foolish to attempt to catch one which is falling.

I'm grateful that my profession affords me the daily opportunities to do service for others. Often I'm able to do so by using and teaching much of what I've shared with you in my books.

When I'm not in touch with the true love within me, the results of my work are okay, I suppose, but my feeling is more that of being a skilled robot than of being a loving, feeling, vibrant participant in life.

When I'm so caught up in the task at hand that I lose touch with the love within me, my sessions become less stimulating and I think I am less effective.

I have the choice to be and do with love, or to be and do as a robot. So do you. Experiencing the love within you takes consciousness, intention, and - I won't kid you - self-discipline. It takes effort. But you can do it, and the payoff is immediate and glorious.

Allowing the love within you to manifest in actions aimed at helping others will fulfill you. You can do helpful actions in whatever arena you choose. You can do helpful actions simply by being sensitive to others, being true to yourself, and being in touch with the love that is the essence of the Natural You.

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