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Your Skin as a Boundary and Receptor

Welcome! There you are, way over there in your very own present moment and here I am in mine. Here we are smashing to smithereens the boundaries of time and space. I’ll meet you here from time to time to share some tips and tools drawn from my 73 years on the planet, and from my 45 years as a guide for those brave enough to do some inner trekking toward the goal of enriching their existence. My hunch is you’re one of those types or your eyes wouldn’t be following these words. So again—Welcome! I’m very glad you stopped by.

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned pro, a battle-scarred veteran or a trembling tenderfoot at this game of life, I think you’ll find the tips, tidbits, and strategies that appear here helpful and enjoyable. Some, not all, of what I post will be drawn from my books and audio programs, so if you are already familiar with my work, those pieces may serve as a gentle reminder. Other pieces will be freshly crafted.

I’m not big on platitudes, doubt there are any unalterable truths, and balk at “shoulds”, “ought tos”, and philosophies. So, don’t come looking for those. This I promise you—anything I offer here is 100% true from my very own experience.

I’m not sure how often I’ll show up here but stop by anytime, peek in, and if I’m around, we can hobnob.

OK, off we go! Thanks for being here. Let’s leap off into the future and see what becomes of us.


On some level we are all one. Sounds like ethereal woo-woo, I know, but it's true. It doesn't mean you are me or I'm you. (I did try to be James Dean for a while in 1955, but my grin was too toothy.) It just means that we are all pure love, pure energy - pure love energy - and energy cannot be created (by earthlings, anyway) and cannot be destroyed. But - and this is an important but - on this physical plane of existence (the one where you go bowling and lose your keys), there is a miraculous sheath separating your from the rest of the world. It is a wonderful sheath. It is incredibly sensitive to the world that surrounds you. It is an amazing organ called - you guessed it - your skin.

Your skin has more nerve endings than any other part of your body. It is also waterproof and tough. Even when the top layer gets rubbed off, which it does constantly (you'll shed about forty disgusting pounds of dead skin in this lifetime), it is replaced by living layers below. You exist within the boundary defined by this relatively thin organ. (It's about two millimeters thick in most places.) From inside your skin you are peering out at these words. In there you are breathing. In there you make choices. In there, at this moment, you will choose to read on or to stop. You would make this choice whether I mentioned it or not, and probably you would do so without consciously thinking about it. By mentioning it, however, I have brought it into your conscious mind and now you must make a conscious choice. Notice that it feels a little like work. Conscious choice has its benefits, but it requires energy. That's why requiring of yourself that you make too many choices can fry your circuits and manifest in symptoms such as alcoholism, ulcers, heart attacks, job burnout, car wrecks and incoherent babbling.

There is a difference in making a choice and in trying to make a choice, and perhaps you just experienced, in a subtle way, the difference. Perhaps you just learned or relearned the difference between effort and strain.

What is your experience at this moment? Are you relaxed and open so that the meaning of these words can float in through your eyes down to the natural you? Or are you ponderous and doubtful, restless, perhaps confused? Are you working hard to make meaning from these words? If the latter is true, your gremlin may be on the scene. If he's gotten to you, your breathing will be shallow and you may feel a sense of frustration. Either choose to focus on his chatter for a brief period of time or relax your breathing, focus on these words instead of his chatter, and read on.

In the next few days experiment with noticing your skin. Just be aware of it as a sensitive receptor and as a boundary within which you do exist.

Remain in touch with your skin as both a very sensitive receptor and as a boundary separating you from all else.

This state of being has been called everything from "grounded" to "ginger-peachy." Let's you and I call it "being centered". It is simply one of the myriad states of being that are available to you and is not innately better or worse than others. It is, however, a wonderful tool for relieving anxiety and for creating within yourself a sense of healthy detachment from the world that surrounds you.

Centered, you can have a marvelous time slowly seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and tasting selected aspects of the world. When centered, you can entertain yourself by doing something as simple as eating an orange, watching a sunset, or stroking the belly of someone who gets your motor humming. Have the experience of pure experience. Sink into the object of your attention using primarily one sense at a time and milk the experience for all it's worth. You'll like it.

© Richard D Carson, February 15, 2017

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