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Gremlins: Out of the Mind, On to the Paper: Gallery One

The first step in Gremlin-Taming® is to Simply Notice.

See the book Taming Your Gremlin® for more on the process of getting started with this simple but profound process for quieting the monster of the mind.

The second step in the process is to Choose and Play with Options.

Some options discussed in Taming Your Gremlin include:

  • Breathe and fully experience

  • Try change for a change

  • Accent the obvious

  • Just imagine it

  • Revisit and re-decide

Another option many find useful is to draw their gremlin.

Following, find many of the gremlins submitted to us over the years by those 'in process.'

Feel inspired to take a crack at drawing your gremlin? To do so might be one part of an arsenal of gremlin-taming tools you find transformative.

If you'd like to submit your gremlin for inclusion on the next gallery, scroll to the bottom for an email to do so. No special talent required! Just an authentic attempt to put your gremlin on paper.

Thanks for visiting the gallery.

© Richard D Carson, June 22, 2017


Mr Tyranny

Moi Moi

Thanks to these gremlin-tamers for submitting their gremlins over the years.

Submissions are open to all ages, no drawing skills required. If you'd like to submit your gremlin for consideration in the next gallery, email your JPEG to We'll look forward to hearing from you.

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