Personal Testimonials

I have found ‘Gremlin-Taming’ to be a unique, imaginative, and effective tool on my path of deep healing. It has helped me dump some of the baggage which hindered my life so unnecessarily. It is also fun…I highly recommend it!

Joan Baez

My biggest problem with this book is knowing when to quit talking about it. You see, I carry it around with me in the car so that if I get caught waiting for an appointment, I can read it. This generates a lot of curiosity, which I am all too willing to expound on. I need to realize, not everyone is ready for this insight yet!! To me, it's like discovering the fountain of youth, I want to share it with all those I love (or even strangers!). . .I want to thank you for sharing your insight with me. Second only to the Bible, this book has had a significant effect on my life.


Surfside Beach, SC

One week ago I started reading your book, Taming Your Gremlin®. Six days ago, I started using your book. Four days ago was the last time my gremlin engaged me in helplessness, worthlessness, suicide discussion... I was drowning and didn't know that I was the one holding my own head under water - Thank you for giving me the tools to tame him and all his legions.


Kentfield, CA

I'd always thought of Gremlins as small purple or lime green colored cars, driven by computer programmers & old hippies going to Grateful Dead concerts. Just finished Taming Your Gremlin®. Thanks for helping to identify my imaginary life mate. Stress, anxiety, depression...my Gremlin has a bag of tricks that would have institutionalized a normal person. Thanks for the whip and chair, I'm off to have more fun.


Hong Kong, China

What was the best about your book was that unlike other... self-help notions I have tried it did not entirely set me up with just another goal of being who I am not. Your repeating the notion that I didn't have to try or have to change enabled a little crack of acceptance through which I accepted the ideas. I also loved the idea that it is a gentle process... without the demands of a job I have had a chance to notice the poisonous ways of my gremlin. He's quite the nasty guy - tormenting me with scenes from the past and making dire and dreadful predictions about the future is one of his main jobs. Thanks again for a tool that has really been a joy.


Albuquerque, NM

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After years of struggling, I finally had a great career and a wonderful woman with whom to spend my life, and still I was completely unsettled and miserable. Then I picked up the little book called Taming Your Gremlin®, and figuring I had nothing to lose, practiced its principles. . .Within a few weeks I was a different person! It has now been 12 years, and my wife and I have enjoyed 10 years of wonderful marriage and have a delightful daughter... there is a stark demarcation between my life before Taming Your Gremlin® and my life after. Rick's principles have gotten me through difficult times, lay-offs and family deaths that would have paralyzed my former self. Even now, 12 years later, when trying times come, I still turn to that simple little book; and it never fails.


Cheshire, CT

I found your book completely enjoyable and inspiring. I believe I'm on my way back to wellness, never has it been so clear to me what needs to be done with my life.


Los Angeles, CA

I had to write and tell you how wonderful your GREMLIN concept has been for me and my circle of loved ones. I bought your book during a debilitating illness last year and believe me it made quite an impact on me. You know, the usual AH HA experience we social workers are known to elicit in “others.” I was so ill at the time I read it that it took about 2-3 re-reads to actually take hold of the concept and understand. You have taken internal dialogue and its ramifications and placed it in a simple, non-threatening powerful symbolism.


Pasadena, CA

I picked up your book in Seattle before this trip began... Somehow, the process of going across
the country to begin a job with so many possible difficulties with an open mind to enjoying
myself has changed my life. . .The theory of yours that life is to be enjoyed is a remarkably
simple one, yet it's amazing how many people believe that it is destiny that they accept and live
with the daily pain that so many do. I did, for so long. And I'm still learning that it's a conscious
choice. But, boy, what incredible things there are out here to enjoy.


Bering Sea

When I first picked up Taming Your Gremlin®, I thought it would be a sweet little self-help book. Instead, I found a lifelong discipline that has revolutionized my inner life.

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Professionals & Coach Testimonials

Rick is a master facilitator, speaker and author. Collaborating and being in dialogue with him is a real joy and a source of deep inspiration. His Taming Your Gremlin work is such a unique gift to the world and is helping thousands of people all over the world to live a life of greater freedom and joy. He walks the talk and does so with a unique combination of humor, compassion and wisdom. I respect him deeply for that and cannot recommend him highly enough.

Laurens Van Aarle, Coaches Rising

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Training with Rick was the best learning and growth development both professionally and personally that I’ve had since my doctoral studies.  I felt connected to the work in a deep rooted way.  I highly recommend this training to psychotherapists who are looking to enhance both their conceptual abilities, their clinical skills, and perhaps, most importantly, their relationship to self.

Ryan D Foster, PhD, LPC-S, NCC, CHST

Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator, Dept of Counseling, Tarleton State University

For the past 25 years, Rick Carson’s Taming Your Gremlin has been the quintessential work on how to get out of your own way. Now, with A Master Class in Gremlin-Taming, Rick offers us the opportunity for richness of experience in every moment. No description of the experience of reading this book can do it justice. A Master Class in Gremlin-Taming has a subtle and powerful effect.

Michael Port

Author, Book Yourself Solid

Rick Carson and his Gremlin-Taming Method keep me honest!  With the tools that I have from our training, I enjoy more of the moments of my life. And I confidently guide my clients through the storms and tempests of life to success.

Mary Olk, Ph.D

Executive & Leadership Development Coach

Rick Carson is a master coach, teacher, and guide. He takes loving care to help each of his trainees develop a powerful, personalized style. He helped me tap into, free up, and channel my own gifts. As a result of Rick’s work with me I am more effective and confident in my work. Both I and my clients have benefited immensely.

Barbara S. Cambridge, PhD

Rick Carson is the ultimate “Master" of his craft!  His training sessions grant insight into the successful integration of his significant work into a practitioner’s daily practice and/or life.  In my opinion this training is essential!

Betty Coon

Licensed Professional Counselor, Dallas, Texas

However far I come, however much I learn, whatever I read on this subject, this method is always an underlying truth that is unshakeable.

Anouk de Menthon Bake

Team Facilitator and Talent Assessor, TACT Adviseurs, Hilversum, Netherlands

I just know that I would not have been where I am today if I had not been acquainted with you and your method

Christin Landmark

District Governor of Rotary, Mosteroy, Norway

Gremlin-Taming has allowed me to find my essence - fall into it -- take the risk and as a result, rekindle the fun and pleasure of living.

Linda Doutre

Thanks so much, Rick, it was truly wonderful to be able to have you on the show!  I had dinner with a couple of friends who happen to be coaches the night of our interview and one of them came right up out of her seat when I told her that I had interviewed you earlier in the day☺ 


Like I said in our interview, you are a legend!

Meg Rentschler, LCSW, PCC Executive/Mentor Coach

A Focus on Results Coaching Host STaR Coach Show

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Rick Carson is a genius at exploring our inner conflicts in novel ways - I almost said fun ways. If you would like to engage in a form of self-exploration that is upbeat and that retains a sense of humor, unlike most of the depressively morbid forms of psychotherapy, this your book. And there’s a bonus: it works.

Larry Dossey, MD

Executive Editor, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine; Author of Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Words

Any person trained as a helping professional would benefit greatly in Rick Carson’s Taming Your Gremlin techniques and methodologies.  Any person participating in life with other humans would find great personal benefit from the study and practice of Rick Carson’s Gremlin-Taming tenets.  I highly recommend participation in the study of Gremlin-Taming for all.

Betty Duncan Coon

Texas Licensed Professional Counselor

Taming Your Gremlin® Intensive was indeed a life-altering experience for me as a person and a coaching professional.  I have always believed that behavioral changes are sustainable only if one is able to pay attention to the underlying beliefs.  Thanks to The Gremlin-Taming® method, I now have a very powerful way of helping myself and my clients tame our respective gremlins by turning the spotlight on our beliefs.

Ganesh Chella

CEO, Totus Consulting Coaching Foundation India LTD

Since at least the time of Buddha, the ‘Mind’ has been recognized as the necessary ground of enlightenment, but also of all confusion and distress…Gremlin-taming is a most worthy ambition, and Rick Carson is a most worthy advocate and ally.

Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Singer, songwriter, and three-time Grammy Award nominee

Rick’s writing is so real, so inviting, so compassionate, and so playful. With this magical combination, Rick has packed this book full of practical information that I put to use immediately!...A must read for ANYONE who is interested in a satisfying journey through life.

Mary Olk, Ph.D., CPCC

Personal Development Coach and Psychologist

I loved Taming Your Gremlin® . . . . The imagery of this book led me to a very profound awareness – a new form of the fable of the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes

Virginia M. Satir

Author, Peoplemaking and Conjoint Family Therapy

Rick’s work has such universal meaning for all the disciplines in the helping professions. His style is deceptively simple, but it tapped right into my unconscious and lay there like a field of fresh daisies.

Carrie Henderson, ACSW

As a personal coach, I find the common denominator among all my clients is the limiting effect their Gremlin has on their ability to reach their potential. Becoming aware of their Gremlins and learning how to work with them frees my clients to move forward and create the lives they want to live! Richard Carson's book is a gift to all of us.

Jennie England, Coach